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BGŻ Leasing sp. Z o.o. v Dyrektor Izby Skarbowej w Warszawie (C-224/11) 

 The judgment of the Court was delivered on 17 January 2013 and dealt with the VAT treatment of insurance cover in the context of leasing services. BGŻ Leasing provided leasing services together with insurance for a leased item and where it acquired cover from an insurer and recharged the cost to the customer, it treated the recharges as being exempt from VAT.

The first question was whether the leasing and insurance services were a single supply of services. The Court held that in this case the services must in principal be regarded as distinct and independent supplies of services for VAT purposes. But it is up to the referring court to decide if it is a single supply or independent supplies. Where the services are regarded as separate independent supplies then the same taxable amount is not applicable to both.

The second question, on the assumption that the services are distinct, was whether re-invoicing of the insurance services was exempt from VAT. The Court held that “where the lessor insures the leased item itself and re-invoices the exact cost of the insurance to the lessee, such a transaction constitutes, in circumstances such as those at issue in the main proceedings, an insurance transaction within the meaning of Article 135(1)(a) of the VAT Directive”.

So in the circumstances of the case, a supply of leasing services and a supply of insurance services were supplied, each with their own VAT treatment and taxable amount. The full judgment can be found by clicking here.

VAT Return of Trader Details (RTD)

revenue1Revenue have advised that a substantial redevelopment of the current RTD filing system will be delivered in a number of stages, commencing in the period late-2013 to early-2014. The proposed changes to the RTD will include a simplified RTD format in ROS, while the paper-based RTD filing option which is currently available for a very limited number of approved VAT traders will cease. Continue reading

VAT Treatment of Dances

revenue1An updated leaflet on the VAT Treatment of Dances has been published by Revenue. The promotion of and admission to dances is liable to VAT at the standard rate. For VAT purposes a dance includes all public dances, that is, functions or gatherings where the principal activity is dancing, and which are open to the public on payment of an admission charge, or on pre-purchase of a ticket. Examples of what constitutes a dance are functions arranged and promoted as dances, and activities consisting of dancing carried on in nightclubs, discotheques, public houses, and similar establishments. Click here.

VAT Treatment of eServices & Broadcasting

revenue1Important changes concerning the VAT rules relating to eServices and Broadcasting will come into effect on 1 January 2015. A new scheme, the Electronic Services Scheme (ESS), relating to such supplies made by suppliers established outside the EU to private individuals in the EU will also be introduced. The VAT Information Leaflet outlining these changes “eServices and Broadcasting” has been published by Revenue. Click here.

Education and Training

The Revenue have just issued a new information leaflet on Education and Training. This leaflet deals with the VAT treatment of education and vocational training or retraining provided by institutions, organisations, or companies both in the state and private sectors.- click here

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Bakery Products & Food Supplements

Revenue recently published an eBrief (70/11) on VAT rates applicable to certain bakery products and food supplements.  The confirmation in relation to the bakery products – which sets out various kinds of bread that are not bread (and so, not zero-rated for VAT) – is straightforward enough.  The matter regarding supplements is less clear cut. Continue reading